Out of Bounds Detroit Crew:

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Dan Griffin:

“The Cynic”. The guy you listen to because you love him, or hate him, just to see what will spew from his mouth next. Dan was a runner up in the 2015 Detroit Sports 105.1 Top Talent Contest, is a Specs Howard grad, and founded the Morons With Microphones Podcast in 2013 before the show converted to Out of Bounds: Detroit Sports in November of 2015. He’ll make you laugh and he’ll piss you off all at the same time.


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David Faes:

“Delightful Dave” is the rock of the show. He keeps the guys under control to the best of his ability. Dave was a winner of the 2015 Detroit Sports 105.1 Top Talent Contest, and currently co-hosts the Tim Horton’s Top Talent Show one Saturday morning per month on Detroit Sports 105.1. He is a Specs Howard Grad, and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Lawrence Tech. He’s the guy that you want your daughter to marry. Sadly though, he’s taken ladies.











Geoff Mehl:

“The Journalist”. Geoff will give it to you straight. If he thinks it, he says it (within reason). The mind of a writer with the personality of a Bill Murray impersonator. Geoff is a Specs Howard Grad, has an Associates Degree in Communications from Schoolcraft College, and is close to obtaining his Bachelors Degree in Journalism from U of M Dearborn. His journalism background includes works for The Michigan Journal, MLive, Football Nation, and State Champs.


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Mike Tripp:

“The Silent Assassin”. Mike is our guy who says little, but thinks much. When he speaks, it’s like lathering your whole body in soothing audio butter. He too, is a Specs Howard grad, and is Michigan’s number one craft beer enthusiast. If it has fermented barley in it…he’s tried it. Mike is also our resident Packers fan. Yes he is a shareholder, so direct your distain toward him.