Tigers SRD-King’s Ransom? Eh.

Brandon Day from Bless You Boys.com joins Roger& Chris to talk the trade and the fans reaction. Did the Tigers get what they needed out of the trade? The guys also take a look at the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians in terms of their prospect future. We review the minor leagues and at the 1:05:00 mark, Jenn Smith from Baseball Prospectus joins us to talk Blue … [Read more...]

Tigers SRD-The Super Happy Fun Time All-Star Break Special

On this Tigers podcast: We kick it off talking international signings, the Futures Game and talk Beau Burrows progression, trade rumors. Brandon Day joins Chris and Roger around the 22:00 mark to talk about the All-Star game, the AL Central and prospects. Jeff Ellis from scout.com talks MLB and the Tigers draft (33:00) Mcneil (@Reflog_18) comes and talks about the … [Read more...]

Tigers SRD- This Succulent Tigers Podcast May (Insert Emotion) as you listen

Roger is back from London and with that, Chris and Roger play catch-up and avoid talking the Tigers at first. -Discuss the parallels between the Giants and Tigers in the past 10 years - How did Chris get into sports talk radio - How long do international prospects take before they are serviceable? - Verlander to the Cubs rumors -Why Barstool Sports and Dave … [Read more...]

Tigers SRD-Reaching for the Big Tool

Brandon Day from Bless You Boys joins Roger & Chris as they talk MLB Draft and a bit of K-Rod. … [Read more...]

The Promise In West Michigan

While much of the focus on Al Avila’s tenure as general manager has been on the performance of the Tigers, he has also been busy trying to implement the organization-wide “Tigers Way” philosophy in order to improve the way the franchise develops talent at the minor-league level. Over the weekend, I had a chance to speak to some of the young arms for the class Low-A West … [Read more...]