Tigers SRD-KC and The Barbato Band

Max Rieper, Editor-in-chief of Royals Review and Brandon Day of Bless You Boys.com joins in to talk about the Royals off-season, top Royals prospects and the article Max posted about how come teams are not spending.

In the second segment, the guys talk about Jeff Passan’s article on baseball’s economic system is broken and why baseball has some warning signs of some interesting days to come.

Tigers SRD-RBI Baseball for NES or Baseball Stars?

As mid-January hits, the guys bring up old retro baseball games,  the trade that never happened, the recent Tigers minor league trades and what to do about Jose.


Tigers SRD- Prospects Of The Round Table

Mark Anderson, scout and staff writer for  ,  and Director of Scouting for  joins the guys for the entire show as the crew answers questions from Twitter, talk about Baseball America’s Top 10 Tigers prospects and the Tigstown.com top 10 prospects. The guys review the FA market and we also look at the Eric Hosmer’s contract offer.

Tigers SRD- Oh,My!

The guys welcome in Nathan Bierma from @TigersHistory as they list the best 3 teams that did not make the post-season or did not make the World Series. The opener of the podcast starts with a tribute to Dick Enberg and the rejected trade offer for Michael Fulmer.

Tigers SRD-Tigers of the Year

Former Bad Hop Radio co-host and movie critic Perry Seibert joins in the discussion.

(Intro-3:22) The audio has Rob Manfred get into a heated debate with Dan Lebetard of ESPN about the Marlins sale.

Chris and Roger talk about their Tigers players of the year, prospect of the year and unsung player of the year, what makes a Christmas movie and Perry lists his favorite movies of 2017