Tigers SRD-Mike Drumright was once a top 100 prospect….

Roger and Chris do a stroll down memory lane as they talk top 100 prospects new and current, anger among the players union and do they have a legit beef for it and baseball is just around the corner.

Tigers SRD-Robot Empire

Hookslide joins Roger and Chris this week to discuss the Tigers minor league rankings, players coming to camp for the Tigers, robot umpires, and the still quiet off-season.

Tigers SRD-I Am The Law

Roger and Chris talk Brewers & Marlins trade & Cain signing, Keith Law’s Top 100 and comparing to the MLB Pipeline and we discuss Al Alvia’s comments at the start of the Tigers caravan.

Tigers SRD-KC and The Barbato Band

Max Rieper, Editor-in-chief of Royals Review and Brandon Day of Bless You Boys.com joins in to talk about the Royals off-season, top Royals prospects and the article Max posted about how come teams are not spending.

In the second segment, the guys talk about Jeff Passan’s article on baseball’s economic system is broken and why baseball has some warning signs of some interesting days to come.

Tigers SRD-RBI Baseball for NES or Baseball Stars?

As mid-January hits, the guys bring up old retro baseball games,  the trade that never happened, the recent Tigers minor league trades and what to do about Jose.